About Natural Healing Therapies

About Natural Healing Therapies

Natural healing therapies have been meeting people’s medical needs for thousands of years in a safe, effective, and readily available way. Today, Americans are rediscovering natural healing with enthusiasm. Studies show that more than 85% of American health care consumers use some form of alternative healing for their well being.

Two-thirds of the drugs on the American market today are based on medicinal plants. But modern drugs are not plants; they are chemicals. Even when a drug is derived from a plant, it is so refined, isolated and purified that only a chemical formula remains. Chemicals work on the body much differently than herbs do. As drugs, they cause many effects – only some of which are positive. Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, once said, “A drug isn’t a drug unless it has side effects.”

Natural healing therapies work differently. Do not expect the activity or response of a drug, which normally treats only the symptoms of a problem. With natural healing, results will seem to take much longer. But this only shows how these therapies actually work, acting as support to control and reverse the cause of a problem, with more permanent effect. Even so, some improvement from these treatments can usually be felt in three to six days. Chronic or long standing problems take longer. A traditional rule of thumb is one month of healing for every year of the problem.

Balance is the key. Every person is different, with different needs. It takes a little more attention and personal responsibility than mindlessly taking a prescription drug, but the extra care is worth far more in the results you can achieve for your well-being.

With natural therapies there is sometimes a “healing crisis” in a healing program. This is known as the Law of Cure and simply means that you seem to get worse before you get better. The body may eliminate toxic wastes heavily during the first stages of therapy. Temporary exacerbation of symptoms can range from mild to fairly severe, but usually precedes good results. These symptoms can include increased fatigue, aches and pains, fever, general malaise, and/or flu-like symptoms. There is usually some weakness as disease poisons are released into the bloodstream to be flushed away. Strength shortly returns when this process is over. This is just your body at work healing itself. There is no reason for alarm. Symptoms should pass within 2-3 days and you should begin to feel better shortly afterward. Remember, it took time to acquire your illness; it will take time to heal.